Condensing Steam Generator

It can be horizontal or vertical and is of water-tube design. It is produced for steam capacities in the 100–4,000 kg/h range. High-efficiency, low-NOx burners with electronic modulation are used. With the condensing economizer at the flue gas outlet as a standard design, and by reducing the flue gas temperature to the condensation temperature of natural gas, the efficiency reaches 98%. 

The flue outlet can be positioned from the top or from behind, which facilitates the installation. To achieve condensation of the flue gas, cold water at 15–20°C is to be supplied to the economizer.  In order to use such steam generators, the facility where they will be used must have a regular hot water consumption, water which requires more energy than that obtained from the flue gas. Thus, the flue gas temperature can be reduced below the condensing temperature and a continuous heat transfer in the economizer is guaranteed.

Otherwise, steam generators equipped with non-condensing economizers with 95% efficiency can be used.  If desired, steam generators can be produced as a package with a water treatment system. These generators have no risk of explosion and may legally be placed in residential areas. When the system is first operated, it takes at most 4–5 minutes to generate steam.

This way, depending on the number of operating days per year, in contrast to steam boilers—in terms of initial investment costs—the steam generator burns approximately 10–35% less fuel. Regarding steam production, thanks to its team and expertise, Jenesis is the only high-tech company in Turkey capable of producing steam generators that can produce, at constant operating pressure, high-quality, dry steam, even at peak load demands.