About Us

IsıEvi Machine, which started its activities with the production of heating and steam systems in 1984, has been exclusively producing steam generators and heat recovery systems since 1999. Believing in the importance of standardization and specialization, Jenesis confidently continues the production of steam generators under its brand name Jenesis and, with the ISO 9001:2015 certification, provides professional services all over the world.

To date, Jenesis has produced hundreds of steam generators of various capacities—operating with liquid or gas fuels and used across all steam-using sectors—that are used in all continents except Australia, and in dozens of countries all over the world, from the Philippines to the United States.

Jenesis believes that having a deep understanding of the features of the process in which steam is to be used is the key to finding the ideal solution. With 36 years of experience and an innovative approach, the Jenesis’team, thanks to its staff and advanced infrastructure, provides solutions tailored to every process.

Jenesis, which closely follows the technological advances and carries out development projects itself with its R&D team, complies with international quality standards in its production—it produces CE (B and D) and EAC certified systems—while taking into account its environmental responsibility.


We strive to produce safer, more efficient steam generators as well as optimized heat recovery systems, so as to meet our customers’ expectations; and build a community of satisfied customers through excellent after sales service.



We aim to become a leading brand with representatives in at least 30 countries, and an exemplary company in every aspect of the sector.