Flash Steam and Hot Water Production System

In conventional designs, the flash steam produced due to the pressure difference between the steam trap’s upstream pressure and the atmospheric pressure at the condensate tank is vented to the ambient air. However, the energy of the produced flash steam is almost tantamount to that of the returned condensate; therefore, it is highly recommended that the flash steam is recovered.

Owing to the flash steam recovery system, hot condensate and flash steam from processes are separated by means of a specially-designed tank before reaching the condensate tank. With its energy intact, the hot condensate is sent to the condensate tank. With no drop in the latter’s temperature, the separated flash steam can be used to meet the energy requirements of processes at low pressure including air or water heating. The amortization period of the flash steam recovery system is between 1 and 2 years. The system design is tailored to the needs and means of businesses.