About Us

Established in 1984 with the production of heat and steam devices, IsıEvi Makina has been producing only steam generators and energy recovery systems since 1999. Jenesis offers continued to produce the steam generator Convinced of the importance of standardization and specialization and Jenesis confidence in Turkey under the brand name that is synonymous with professional services in the world to own and ISO9001: 2015 certificate with.

Until today, Jenesis has produced hundreds of steam generators in different capacities, operating with liquid and gaseous fuel options to be used in dozens of countries on all continents except Australia, from the Philippines to the United States, and in all sectors that use steam.

Jenesis believes that analyzing the structure of the industry where the steam generator will be used is the key to the ideal solution. Combining 36 years of experience with its innovative understanding, Jenesis team can produce special solutions for each business with its professional staff and advanced technical infrastructure.

Jenesis, which closely follows technological developments and develops technology with its R&D team, documents its production with international CE (B + D) and EAC quality certificates, taking into account its responsibilities towards the environment and nature.


To offer systems that maximize energy recovery with safer and more efficient steam producers than customer expectations, and to create a satisfied customer family with perfect after-sales services.



To be a leading brand that has representative offices in at least 30 countries of the world and tries to set an example in every subject in its sector.