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Jenesis participated as a speaker at the panel titled

Jenesis participated as a speaker at the panel titled “Efficiency in waste heat and heating and cooling in factories” at the Summit and Exhibition of Factories Producing Energy. Fatih Savaşkan, the General Manager who participated in the panel on behalf of Jenesis, revealed some known but neglected facts. At the same time, he explained the […]

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Jenesis General Manager Fatih Savaşkan was the guest of ST Industry Radio.

In the program, Fatih Savaşkan, who made explanations on new technological developments and new systems especially in steam boiler rooms, explained the expectations of the new world, where flexibility and security also come to the fore in the boiler rooms, and the works carried out by Jenesis R&D department for them.

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Jenesis attended SODEX fair.

Jenesis attended SODEX fair. Introducing the latest technology dry and peak traction steam generator, Jenesis stand attracted great attention with its HUB system and energy recovery systems.

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